Running Out of Time Doing Nothing Update

The new ‘Meads of Asphodel’ album. Running Out of Time Doing Nothing, is complete and will be released mid 2019

New shirts and a video of the title track, will accompany the release.

Imperial East-West Onslaught500

The pre-album release of ‘East west onslaught’ split with Chinese band Rerthro is out now via Godreah records.

A video of the track ‘Gods of War’ can be seen via You Tube

This is an album of deep personal tragedy where death surmounts the albums foundations. Musically and lyrically surreal in its fabric of moods and tones.

The songs leap across the world feeding from the idiocy in humanity, with the bands steadfast anti-religious and anti-racist statements permeating the music. At times lyrically brutal, bordering the very subject matter that the band are so against,

Metatron had originally focused the lyrical concept on Islam, to dig deep into the soul of the religion and the subsequent biases emanating from its core teachings, [as with all religious institutions] but instead of channelling his thoughts into one theme, as with the, Murder of Jesus The Jew, and Sonderkommando, albums, he felt the need to write about whatever troubles his mind. Not wishing to become obsessed with one subject matter, as the previous two albums consumed him, to the extent of writing two 1000,000 word treatise to explain the deeper roots of the lyrics [with both albums deliberately baiting, thus attracting slurs of anti- Semitic, and racist comments by the very ignorance the Meads fight against.

This approach to the lyrics has released the music into an anything goes situation, harkening back to the, Exhuming and Damascus steel, era, allowing J.D Tait a blank canvass to weave the almost lazy feel to the albums soul, a deliberate harnessing of the darkness on the previous two albums in favour of a more warmer atmosphere.

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