Ask Metatron


Every now and then, we throw open the chance to ask Metatron anything you want (within the realms of decency) so here we go with our first question, with is from Brendo Smith

I’m only remotely familiar with Hawkwind. What 3 albums should I start my
journey with and why?

Hawkwind seem to shift from era to era with 5 decades of albums, 80% ropey, and
yet can fill a 5 hour set with the remaining 20% of classic quintessential English rock music.

The 3 albums that will open the doorway to Hawkwind are, in my humble opinion,
Warrior on the Edge of Time, the bands finest studio release. This is flawless
Hawkwind in their 70’s stoner acid induced heyday. It encapsulates everything
the band is about.

Now, the following 2 are live albums, as [very much like the mighty Motorhead],
the Hawks excel at, and depending on what era it is, can sound extremely
If you can get hold of, The Friday Rock Show Sessions cd, you will hear Huw
Lloyd Langtons guitar wizardry at its best. This album blows me away every time
I hear it.

Finally, to elaborate on Alan Davey’s bass tumult, check out, Canterbury Fayre
2001, cd. It is like his bass strings are pylon cables.

The joy of these live albums is you get the very best classic Hawk tracks
hammered into your skull in pitch perfect audio.

And to drop another in, The Space Ritual Live cd is also an awesome release,
showcasing the bands 70’s trippy roots.


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