Ask Metatron 3

From Che Khaningham:
I’ve always kind of wondered about Metatron’s secrecy, IE: veiling himself in photo and video. Why?
My guess has always been that he’s just in some other line of work that would be compromised by a revelation that he fronts the Meads

The formation of The Meads was always based around the early, Bathory/Darkthrone imagery built around chain mail and weaponry. I have always been fascinated in that faceless mystery and I always had this in mind for the band.


I have no ego to promote and this serves the band well. My line of work would not suffer from my face being exposed, and it would not bother me so much now.

The band has run a long course and solidified its place in English extreme Metal lore. That is something I am proud to have achieved.

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