Ask Metatron Part 2


From Paul Henderson:
Out of all the artists you’ve collaborated with in both the Meads and Wolves, who did you most enjoy working with, and who else would you like to work with if you could pick anybody?

Huw Lloyd Langton and Mirai would be the top choices due to my familiarity and friendship with these fellows. We have done many albums together and both [like
many of our guests] are at the top of their game.

My most proudest achievement would be, Mantas [on the Wolves Die Hard cover], as I bleed Venom, and I was euphoric when he agreed to do the guitars and classic chorus vocal.

I would have loved, Quorthon from Bathory to do a vocal. I had the pleasure of speaking to him many moons ago, but this was pre-Meads. He was a truly nice chap, and his passing, like, Huw’s, left a profound effect on me personally. [more so on the music that would never be created again]

All of the guests we have worked with are great people and this must reflect the metal community as a whole, few dickheads reside here I have found.

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