Some of the many guest musicians that have appeared on Meads of Asphodel and Wolves of Avalon releases


A. C Wild [Bulldozer] Alberto re-created the exorcism intro that featured on the first Bulldozer album way back in 1985, especially for the Meads debut release, The Excommunication of Christ


Richard Hugh “Huw” Lloyd-Langton (6 February 1951 – 6 December 2012)

Former Hawkwind guitarist performed with us on, The Excommunication of Christ, Exhuming the Grave of Yeshua, Mill Hill Sessions, Damascus Steel. Huw is sadly missed and one of the few true gentlemen we have had the pleasure to meet.


Alan Davey [formerly of Hawkwind, and now Gunslinger, and Alan Davey] has played his Lemmy style bass on, Exhuming the Grave of Yeshua, Damascus Steel, Planet Genocide, and contributed vocals on the tracks, On the Surface, and, Straw Dogs.


Mirai [Sigh] One of the finest fellows I ever did meet. Mirai has been part of the Meads for what seems forever. He has performed his keyboard wizardry on, Exhuming the Grave of Yeshua, Damascus Steel, Sonderkommando, Taste Divine Wrath,, He also laid down vocals on the Wolves of Avalon Venom cover, Die Hard. We also did a 3 track demo of keyboard driven doom like metal that appeared [eventually] as bonus material on the, Welcome to Planet Genocide’ re-issue.


Paul Carter  ‘Thus Defiled’ played keyboards on, Sons of Anakk Rise, from the Exhuming the Grave… album. Thus Defiled were one of the first UK black metal bands and are another shamefully overlooked part of the home-grown scenes past. We are at the mercy of the writers who have limited knowledge and are biased in most cases of what went on back in the day.


Deorth [Ragnarok UK] Played bass on, The Exhuming the Grave… I loved his Pagan Folk work with Ragnarok UK, and this is a shameful overlooked pagan metal act, far ahead of its time and an a typical expose of how ignorant journalists were/ are with regards to the actual history of this particular genre.

Max Rael [History of Guns] contributed an electronic track to the first album, a mind fuck that pretty much settled well within this initial Meads coming of age.


Paul Fox [Ruts] played guitar on the Meads, Ruts cover songs, Babylon’s Burring, and, It was Cold. Another decent fellow and we had a blast with in the studio. The Ruts are one of my most respected UK punk bands, and if vocalist Malcolm Owen, had lived beyond his heroin overdose, they would have been as big as The Clash.


Vincent Crowley [Acheron], Vincent added some great vocals on the track, From Eagle to Cross, on the, The Murder of Jesus the Jew, album


Hoest [Taake], a fine fellow indeed and one of Norway’s most enigmatic Black Metal characters.. Hoest done vocals on, Jew Killer [The Murder of Jesus the Jew], and more recently, on the Wolves of Avalon, album, The Book Of Aneirin..


Rob Miller, [Amebix, Tau Cross], added some great Vocals on the Meads track, Hour Glass of Ash, from the, sonderkommando, album, and also on the kick ass, Wolves of Avalon, Venom cover of Die Hard.


M. de jong [Gnaw Their Tongues] added his noise industrial menace to the Sonderkommando album.


Alyona, from Russian pagan metal band, Aeterna, plays flute, tin whistle on The Wolves of Avalon albums.


Rob Darken [Graveland] Contributed vocals on the track, Carrion Crows over Camlan, from the debut, Wolves of Avalon album. A controversial figure with a dubious political agenda in his past, yet for all the sabre rattling he has been subjected too, as long as Burzum are given this free ride through the mainstream media I have no problem with this interesting character.

To all the black metal fans that have a problem with Darken, then you must have the same problem with Varg Vikernes, and here lies a paradox. Without Burzum you would not have your beloved Black Metal. [As no murder of Euronymous, = no mass interest that sparked the rise of the Norwegians and a very real possibility that Black Metal would never have been the force it is today]. So chew on that…


Daemonskald [SIG:AR:TYR] played the intro guitar parts for the Wolves of Avalon album, of Corpses Grey. SIG:AR:TYR are a cult Canadian pagan metal band that I have always had a fondness for. Like Falkenbach, they sit it a very exclusive musical bubble oozing that solitary uniqueness.


Hildr Valkyrie
Contributed vocals on the Wolves of Avalon albums, Boudicca’s Last Stand, and, Of Corpses Grey. As beautiful a female vocal as you will hear, and a fervid Pagan spirit that sits well within the bands archaic soul.


Thurios [Drudkh, Astrofaes, Hate Forest] contributed vocals to the track, Bonded by Blood and Sword, from the Wolves of Avalon album, Boudicca’s Last Stand, and on the Corpses Grey album. He has become an integral part of the Wolves.
Drudkh need no explaining here, a cult Ukrainian act with a unique sense of dreary epic atmosphere.


Knjaz Varggoth [Nokturnal Mortum] contributed vocals to the track, The Gorging Glut of Sodden Clay, from the Wolves of Avalon album, Boudicca’s Last Stand.
Nokturnal Mortem are a Masterful Ukrainian pagan metal band and The Wolves of Avalon appeared on the “22 years among the sheep” retrospective.


A.A. Nemtheanga [Primordial] contributed vocals to the Wolves of Avalon Venom cover ‘Die Hard’. I had asked Alan to do a vocal on previous Wolves albums, and finally he agreed to participate on this track.


Mantas [Venom, M-pire of Evil, Venom Inc] plays guitar and backing vocals on the, Wolves of Avalon, Venom cover, Die Hard.
This was a great honour for us, as we, like most extreme metal fans kneel before the altar of classic Venom.


Tony Dolan [Demolition Man]
Ex Venom and now Venom Inc fronts man does the narration on the Wolves of Avalon track,
Through the Murmuring Night, on the vinyl LP, ‘I Gododdin’

Vital Abramovich

Vital Abramovich [Gods Tower]
played lead guitar on ‘Aktion T4’ from the, Sonderkommando album.


Roibéard Ó Bogail [Mael Mórdha]
Played tin whistle on the Wolves ‘Carrion Crows’ album, and the Meads of Asphodel track, Lamenting Weaver of Horror’ from Sonderkommando.


Forefather vocalist does vocals on the Wolves of Avalon track, Dead Men’s Cloaks, from the vinyl LP ‘I Gododdin’.