Meads of Asphodel Update

Meads of Asphodel News

Metatron has been writing lyrics for 15 new songs for the forthcoming new album.

The demo tracks are a return to the early to mid era Mead’s style with a feverish creative spark being formed between Metatron and J.D Tait, making this album more fluent, unfathomable,  and up-beat.

Metatron had originally focused his lyrical concept on Islam, to dig deep into the soul of the religion and the subsequent hatred emanating from its core teachings, but instead of channeling his thoughts into one theme, as he has done with the, Murder of Jesus The Jew, and Sonderkommando, albums, he has felt the need to write about whatever troubles his mind.

This has released the music to an anything goes situation, harkening back to the, Exhuming and Damascus steel era, yet with a whole new Mead’s vision seeping through both the songs and the lyrics.

Tracks like, I’m Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing, and, Recollections Of A Hand Loom-Weaver,  are just a glimpse into the vibrant and melody laden tracks to be unleashed in the new year.

There is the ever faithful input from, Mirai [Sigh], plus many other guests that make up the beating heart of the band’s music.

More news will follow soon

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