The Wolves of Avalon Update


The Wolves of Avalon Update

The band is finishing 5 new tracks for a 12″ vinyl only release due out early 2020.
Titled, Y Gododdin: The Last Stand of Three Hundred Britons…

The release will feature, Hoest [Taake], Wulfstan [Forefather], Thurios [Drudkh], plus one other guest to be revealed nearer the time.

Cover art is by acclaimed military illustrator Kurt Miller.

The release tells of the British northern tribe, The Gododdin, who in around 600 A.D, advanced on the Angle stronghold of Catraeth, in one final battle.

Following the bands tradition of reciting ancient British history, this rarely known event was first written in a medieval Welsh poem called, Y Gododdin, by the bard Aneirin. Its time frame was just after the Arthurian period of Romano Celtic resistance to the encroaching Germanic Saxons and Angles. The artwork depicts the charge of the Gododdin, adorned in the attire of the age, a splendid final bid to push back the warriors of the Angle King Æthelfrith.

Pendragon(RGB) Wolves of Avalon

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