Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing



It has been six years since The Meads Of Asphodel released a full length album, in the grim form of the chilling Sonderkommando. While a flurry of EPs, split releases and compilations have kept the fans’ hunger sated, it is only now that the brightly garbed, harlequin jesters in the court of the black metal kings have set loose their creative spirits across a complete lexicon of new songs. Taunting and provoking, teasing and tormenting the worshippers of rules, the champions of freedom have returned. More sinuous and serpentine, more riotous and raging, more challenging of all preconceptions than ever…The Meads Of Asphodel are here to lead you a merry dance through endless labyrinths of word and sound.

Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing is an album of staggering diversity that somehow hangs together in a perfectly seamless whole; an unbroken flow of shining creativity. This is a breathless ride on a torrent of ideas, racing through a cascade of music of many hues; folk, punk, dance, ambient, metal…they’re all here, wilful and wild. From harsh, vicious electronics to smooth swathes of sound, stirring melodies and swinging piano to savage, hate-encrusted extremity, Running Out Of Time… is all of this and more. In the words of the band, these songs “leap across the world, feeding on the idiocy of humanity”. The Meads have no time for your ‘sacred’ traditions, no respect for your holiest of holies and not the slightest concern for the laws of god or man.

With an array of guests, including Alan Davey (Hawkwind, Gunslinger), adding their unique talents to its incomparable blend of magics, Running Out Of Time… is an album of passion, drama, dark humour and uncompromising views. It spits venom at the bloated bodies of religion, conformity and control, scorns the blinkered and the foolish and sings long and loud with the free of spirit. On June 21st Godreah Records will unveil this new chapter in an ongoing tale of magnificent madness.

Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing will be revealed…The Meads Of Asphodel as they have always been – and yet as they have never been before.

Track Listing:
1 – Bug Splat
2 – I Am Oblivion, Deep Drenched In Forever
3 – I’m Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing
4 – Black Is Black & White Is White
5 – Cockroach Marionettes
6 – I Stood Tiptoe, Reaching Up For Heaven
7 – Like Blood Shaped Flakes Of Snow
8 – The Broken Wings Of A Hud Hud
9 – Funeral Drums Of Insomnia’s Labyrinth
10 – Recollections Of A Hand Loom-Weaver
11 – Souvenir Of Death

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