Wolves Discography


Across Corpses Grey
Godreah Records 2016

1 Across Corpses Grey
2 The Voice Of Steel
3 Die Hard



Die Hard 7″ vinyl
Eternal Death Records 2016

1. Die Hard
2. Carrion Crows Reprise



Boudicca’s Last Stand
Godreah Records 2014

1 Famished Wolves Befogged With Blood
2 The Sky Goddess
3 The Dreadful Thirst Of Death
4 Bonded By Blood And Sword
5 The Icknield Way Is Dripping With The Juice Of Our Marrow-Bones
6 Behold The Feast Of The Slaughter Gods
7 The Gorging Glut Of Sodden Clay
8 Iceni Queen Unfurl’d In A Tempest Of Crows
9 I Walk The Moonless Fens Of A Darkling Day
10 Cold As Mouldering Clay
11 Essence (Enslaved Cover)



Carrion Crows Over Camlan
Godreah Records 2011

1 Intro / This Mighty Isle
2 The Wolves Of Avalon
3 Enchanted Spirits Of Wariors Slain (Instro)
4 Lost Gods We Call Upon You
5 British Tribes Unite
6 The War Song Of Beli Mawr
7 The Siege Of Badon Hill
8 The Last Druid
9 Carrion Crows Over Camlan
10 Britain Is Fallen
11 Ravens Over Dumonia (Instro)
12 Song Of The Graves