Wolves Biography

The Wolves of Avalon are a band formed by, Metatron, and J. Marinos, to create a Pagan inspired musical interpretation of Ancient British history. Continuing the great tradition of Pagan inspired British bands, Sabbat and Forefather, as well as Irish cousins Mael Mordha, who all incorporate strong historical themes in their music.. The Wolves of Avalon represent a time passed, of tribal unity and cold brutal warfare.

metatron & j marinos 2011_edited

The band’s debut album, 2011’s Carrion Crows Over Camlan, was a concept album dealing with the time of around 500AD. Reflecting on a period that existed after the Romans were recalled to defend their homeland from the Barbarian migrations. The same land hungry hordes that were to engulf the warriors and tribes of Britain. It is homage to the Celtic Arthurian era that wallows in the dark ages of British history.

The album featured, Rob Darken, [Graveland], as well as numerous violin and mandolin players.

Boudicca’s Last Stand, [2014] The second album, is a smouldering echo from a time when there was no England, Scotland or Wales, only the forest clad isles of Britain. A Pagan land of tribal conflict and woad painted warriors, now lost in the corrosive passing of time. The album deals with one of the great British war leader, Boudicca, a Queen who stood against the might of Rome shortly after the great druid sanctuary of Ynys Môn was ruthlessly destroyed and the very heart of druid culture wiped from the face of the Earth. The tragedy of her life oozes from the music and its sorrow seeps through each violin note.

Continuing the bands atmospheric use of flute, mandolin and violins, the band have introduced cello and accordion to enrich the olden age atmospheres further. Lyrically, Metatron’s embodiment of classic verse brings to life flesh tearing slaughter and clamouring battle carnage, interwoven with coarse narratives and a collision of guest vocalists, [Including Thurios from Drudkh/ Astrofaes, Varggoth [Nokturnal Mortem] and Hildr Valkyrie from Folkearth], bleeding vociferous angst into the music’s organic soul.

The album also featured a cover of, Enslaved’s ‘Essence’ The bands engine room of, Steve Clark, percussion and major song smith, guitarist, J. Marinos, hold the multi faceted audio experience together in a typically British sound.

In 2015, a 7” vinyl appeared featuring a cover of Venom’s ‘Die Hard’, withMantas [original Venom guitarist] , on guitars, and vocals by, Alan Averill [Primordial] Rob [Amebix], Mirai [Sigh], and Metatron [Meads of Asphodel]

‘Across Corpses Grey’, [2016] the Wolves of Avalon’s, 3rd album features one 30 minute prog pagan metal track , Plus a cover of venoms ‘Die Hard’, and Nokturnal Mortums ‘Voice of Steel’ The album reflects on the English wars of the roses, the clash of cold steel and carnage of medieval warfare.

The title track features, Thurios [Drudkh], Daemonskald (SIG:AR:TYR), Hildr Valkyrie, and features an array of musicians providing, Flute, Cello, Violin, and stunning lead guitar work from, Litmus, axe man, Fiddler

Also in 2016, the bands cover of Voice of steel, featured on the, The Nokturnal Mortum ‎– 22 Years Among The Sheep, tribute 6 x cd box set.

2017 and the band began working on the new album, The Book of Aneirin.

The recording of [The book of Aneirin], now titled ‘I Gododdin’ with a steadfast view on having this release out on vinyl only.

In 2022 the release is finally realized

Five new tracks of British atmospheric pagan metal released on limited 500 Vinyl LP in black on white splatter.

The Wolves of Avalon continue their themes of ancient British history with the ride of the Northern Gododdin who were utterly destroyed fighting the Angles of Deira and Bernicia around AD600. This depicts the battle of Catraeth, one of the last conflicts of resistance to the Germanic settlers that eventually decimated the Celtic peoples of what came to be known as England.

With Metatron [Meads Asphodel] vocals and James Marinos [Ritual] guitars. Featuring guests – Hoest [Taake] – Wulfstan [Forefather]- Thurios [Drudkh], and Tony Dolan [Venom Inc]

This release is available from November 2022. Check the Godreah Bandcamp for order details