Here is a list of Books that have helped me in my quest over the many years leading up to this album. Each has a tale to tell, all are worthy pieces to understanding the Puzzle of Jesus the Jew.

Rome“ Jerusalem ‘Martin Goodman

Jesus ‘Michael Grant

The Trial of Jesus ‘Val Grieve’

The Historical Figure of Jesus ‘E.P. Sanders

Jesus ‘Professor ‘Alvar Ellegard’

Masada‘Yigael Yadin’

Who was Jesus ‘Kamal Salibi’

Who was Jesus ‘N.T Wright’

The Apocryphat New Testament ‘Elliot’

The Case for Christ ‘Lee Strobel’

The Case for the real Jesus’ Lee Strobel’

The Apocryphal Old Testament ‘H.F.D Sparks’

Ancient Isreal Vol 1 ‘Angelo’s Rappoport’Jesus of Nazareth ‘Gunther Bornkamm’

The Passion ‘Geza Vermes’

The Erakly Church ‘W.H.C Frend’

The Authentic Gospel of Jesus ‘Geza Vermes’

Jesus the Jew ‘Geza Vermes

The Passover Plot ‘Hugh J Schonfield’

Jesus the Evidence ‘Ian Wilson’

The Jesus Mysteries ‘Timothy Frek/ Peter Gandy’

Palestinian Judaism in the time of Jesus ‘Bonsirven’

Jesus the Evidence ‘Ian Wilson’

Jesus ‘J.L Houlden’

The Rise and fall of Jesus ‘Steuart Campbell’

Jesus the Man ‘ Barbara Theiring’

The Passion and Death of Jesus Christ ‘St Alphonsus De Liguori’

The Life of Jesus Christ Augustus Neadder’

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail ‘Baigent, Leigh, Lincoln’

From the Ashes of Angels ‘Andrew Collins’

Decline and fall of the Roman Empire ‘Gibson’

The Jerusalem Bible

The God Delusion ‘Richard Dawkins’

Myths and Legends ‘Arthur  Cotterell’

The Revelation of John ‘ William Barclay’

The Book of Enoch ‘R.H. Charles’

There have also been numerous web pages I have plundered for choice sentences that I willingly admit. I apologize in advance for not giving adequate credit for such intellectual theft. They are few and far between, but they are still there.