Altvater “Chroniken” CD
G.U.C records 2009
Germanic pagan metal

Alaksana ‘Alaksana  Full’ cd
Infected Blood Records 2018
chinese folk metal

Andras ‘Reminiszenzen’ cd
Einheit Produktionen 2018

Armor Force- Watchman of Facabion’ cd
Infected Blood Records 2013
Chinese folk metal

Alne / Stworz -Warnija.
Werewolf Promotion 2017
split cd

Ashaena – Calea’   cd
Loud rage music 2016
Romanian black pagan metal for fans of Nokturnal Mortem, Drudkh.
This has that raw pagan vive typical of the Eastern Europeans.

Ahnenstahl – Zwischen Tod und Leben’ cd
Black Tower ec 2006
Austrian Epic Black Metal like Wyrd and bands alike.

Al-Namrood’Atba’a Al-Namrood’ cd
Shaytan Productions 2008
black folk metal from the middle east

Ahnengrab ‘omen’ cd
Einheit prod 2012
Germanic pagan black metal

Arallu   ‘The Demon From The Ancient World’ cd
Epidemie Records – 2005
Black Metal from Israel.

Ashen Light – Pesni Mertvych  cd
soundage 2007

Russian black metal that’s remarkable like Ancients debut. Thick guitars and fantastic riffs drag you to pure Black Metal Hell

Alvheim  ‘I et fjort fortid’ cd
Gardarika Musikk 2009
Russian pagan black metal

Bliss-Illusion ‘hinrabansho’ cd
Infected Blood Records 2018
Atmospehric Chinese black metal that flows with tradiitonal istruments and a darkly spine. Beautifull as it is melancholic. A post black metal masterpiece.

Bastarth – Golden Sun…’ cd
Nymphaea Records  2010
Russian Atmospheric Pagan Metal/Ambient
beautifully cold and majestic like a depressive black metal band at times darkspace and Agalloch creep into the atmospheres as well as drudkh.

Butterfly Temple – Sny Severnogo Morya (Dreams Of The Northern Sea)
Irond rec 2002
Russian Pagan Metal
Epic Slavonic Pagan Metal.    Ensiferum meets Moonsorrow meets Nightwish…..

Barbarous Pomerania “Duch 300 z Rany” 2009 CD
Polish pagan metal like Graveland but with a unique style of their own.

Butterfly Temple – Koleso Chernoboga
Irond rec 2001 cd  Russian Pagan folk metal

Bauda/Leuku – Mares – Split CD  – Ambient Folk metal,
Tyrannus Records 2007
Split cd of Chilean folk/ ambient metal. A truly unique underground experience of pure music untouched by the mainstream.

Black kirin   ‘mother’   mcd
Cold Woods Productions 2015
black death folk metal from china

Chur “Lykho”   cd
Casus Belli Musica 2009
ukrainian pagan folk metallike butterfly temple/ arkona/

Casus Belli  ‘Hell-ios  ‘ mcd
putrid cult rec 2016 – polish pagan black death metal

Crown of Fallen Heroes ”Forging a New Hope” CD
pagan metal from Brazil

Cujrare ‘Radical Accion’
American Line Prods  2008 cd
Band from Quito-Ecuador that mixes native Folkloric Sounds and Afro-Ecuadorian Rhythms with Metal! Limited to 500 copies. Limited to 500 copies. Like a hardcore sepulture splattered in melody and old world pipes.

Dragobrath “WhisperHerbs”  cd
Murderous Production
Ukrainian black pagan metal.  Like Nokturnal Mortum, Kroda  and Drudkh

Dragobrath – And Mountains Openeth Eyes…
Eastside rec
Ukraine – Pagan Black Metal with Folk influences (Kroda members).

Demorian “Back To The Glorious Past” CD.
Azermedoth Records 2009
Pagan Black Metal From the Cold lands of Sweden! Debut… very interesting and original melodic Black Metal with pagan and symphonic elements and with really hateful voice… with keyboards.

Dhul-Qarnayn – Jilwah mcd
Shaytan Productions 2008
Black/ Ambient metal from Bahrain
1 x 27 minute rack of eastern hell

Dammerung ‘Black Arrows’ cd 2007
From the Unkraine. Pagan Black Metal like old Gods Tower

Druzhina – Echoes of Distant Battles  cd
soundage rec 2008
like Asmégin  meets Emperor meets pink Floyd
Highly charges epic pagan metal.

Dzjady “By Blood on the Snow” cd

volh records/ Black Pagan metal from Belarus with a similar sound to Gods Tower

Draugr  ‘Nocturnal Pagan Supremacy’ CD
Christhunt Productions 2006
Pagan black metal from Italy
Druzhina ‘Oprichnik’  cd
sound age rec 2011 – Russian pagan metal, This has that hypnotic burzum style of long meandering blackened

Evilmare  ‘blessing odin’    mcd
Cold Woods Productions 2014
black folk metal from china

Fir Bolg “Towards Ancestral Lands’ cd
Schwarzdorn Production  2013
French pagan black metal

Fortid ‘9’ cd
Schwarzdorn Production 2015
Viking metal from Iceland, for fans of Amon Amarth, Enslaved,

Grylle – Mondes Vermeils cd
Antiq Records
medieval blackmetal

Grim Sköll – The Eleven Rivers of Hverlmir
Azermedoth Records 2008
Mexican  Ambient/Pagan Black Metal
Like a mix of Summoning and Vinterriket

Grendles Sleep – ‘EP 1 2013’ digi
king penda
English folk with acoustic guitar, flute, female lead vocals and male tenor.

Graveland – Following the Voice of Blood -cd
Warheart Records

Graveland ‘ogien przeb udzenia’ cd
Warheart rec
Polish black pagan metal

Graveland – Immortal Pride – cd
Warheart Records

Graveland “Prawo Stali” CD
Warheart Records

Helcaraxe – Triumph and Revenge  cd
Regimental Records  2007
Viking death metal harnessing a sound that can be likened to fellow US death metallers Immolation and walking over the likes of Amon Amarth, in terms of pure nastiness. Fantastic.

Gjallahorn “Folkvang”  cd
Musica Production  2011
Russian Viking black metal

Hanternoz- Linceuls d’Ecume’ cd
Antiq Records
French black celtic metal with a raw old Nightfall atmosphere colliding with Alestorm in  storm

Hellveto ‘ Medieval scream’ cd
Ritual Execution Promotion  2004
Polish pagan metal

Hellveto ‘Damnaretis’ digi cd
pagan records 2012
Polish pagan metal

Holy Blood “The Patriot” cd
Musica Production
Ukrainian folk black death metal

Hromovlad/ slavigrom split cd
2 x Slovakian pagan bands 2009

Hromovlad (Slovakia) – Vladca lesov, skalnych stein cd 2005
Skyforger / bathory

IDIS ORLOG – “the spiral tide of seasons” CD.
WolfTyr Productions 2010
Norwegian Folk Act, coming in Digipak
For fans of Hagalaz’ Runedance or Carved In Stone

IDIS ORLOG –  “Froya og Svipdag & Songs cd
WolfTyr Productions 2015
Norwegian Folk Act, coming in Digipak
For fans of Hagalaz’ Runedance or Carved In Stone

Iberian wolves – Europa CD
Pagan War Distro Rex 2013
Spanish pagan metal

Izmoroz – Intrigues of Gods   cd
soundage rec 2010
Russian pagan folk metal
like trollfest clashing with  finntroll

Izmoroz – The Church that Burns under the Mountain    cd
soundage rec 2007
Russian pagan folk metal
like trollfest clashing with  finntroll

Irminsul  ‘ Irminsul’ cd
Purity through fire 2009
Swedish pagan folk metal

Irminsul ‘fader’  cd
Purity through fire 2013

Juodvarnis “sauksmai Is Praeities” cd
Der Schwarze Therefore, 2014
Lithuanian pagan metal

kramola ‘blood freedom’ cd
Soundage productions 2008
russian pagan metal

Kalki Avatara – Mantra for the End of Times mcd
Shaytan Productions 2009
Italian Black Folk Metal

Kramola – The Blood of Freedom’ cd
Irond rec 2008

Russian  pagan black thrash  metal/ razor riffs and blazing solos’s with hard / clean vocal lines, and the odd keyboards

kalevala ‘kudel’ cd
Sound age prod
Russian folk pagan/ Influence comes explicitly from Finnish folk bands like Korpiklaani,

Leadhaze ‘Black Water Path’ d 2008
Dark/ Black Metal from the Ukraine

Mor / Stielas Storhett ‘Death Comes From The North’ cd Drudkh3 x Russian pagan acts, Liholesie, Mor , Stielas 3 way spilt cd on assault rec 2008

Miellnir – Incineration Astern CD
Stygian Crypt productions 2014
Ukrainian pagan metal

Mictlan ‘Donde Habitan Los Muertos’
American Line Prods  2008 cd
a combination of death metal and pre-Hispanic Mexican folk music. Like a Sepultura meets Testament

Mjolner – The Pagan Tribute – CD
Tyrannus Records 2006
Chilean – Ambient black metal, covering other bands like root, ulver, isengard and more.

M8L8TH ”By the wings of black ” CD
Russian black metal

Navya  Handbells of Mares’ cd
ya rec 2006
russian pagan folk

Nezhegol (RUS) “Istoki” CD 2009New full-length album of the famous project, full of breath of Belgorod’s edge, voices of free wind in old tree’s branches, rustles of the forest streams and beat of brave heart under hymns of Holy War.
Pagan metal from Russia

Nakkiga – Amerasu’ CD
Darkwoods rec 2013
black metal from Spain

nevid ‘agarta’ cd
sound age rec 2011
pagan folk from Russia like like a wonderful collision of upbeat
finntroll and early amorphis swimming in an butterfly temple soup.
This is fantastic pagan metal from afar, one of the best i have heard,

Nord ‘n’ commander “Hermeneutics”  cd
More Hate rec (2004)
Russian folk black metal.

Natural Spirit ‘Ruskolun’ cd
more hate prod 2007
Ukrainian  melodic Folk/Black-Metal with female vocals and acoustic guitar.

Northern Breeze – Sailing To The North 2007
Greek melodic Black Metal

North  ‘Na Polach Bitew’ cd

Oprich ‘peverter’ cd
casus belli music 2017
Russian pagan metal

Oprich “North The Boundless”  cd
2010 Casus Belli Musica
russian pagan  folk metal with traditional instruments.

Onkel Hryum ‘Ragnaroll’ digi-cd – Folk thrash metal from Russi

Ophidian Forest “Plains” CD
Favonian  Rec 2010 in mini-DVD clamshell case,
Raw Pagan Metal from Croatia/ Usa, Like a collision of early Graveland/ Gorgoroths ‘Pentagram’ and early mayhem.

Ophidian Forest “Redbad” CD
Favonian 2008 in dvd case.
Raw Pagan Metal, from Croatia/ Usa , Like a collision of early Graveland/ Gorgoroths ‘Pentagram’ and early mayhem.

Pagan Land / Tini Zabutih Predkiv – Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors/Carpathia
split cd on Black Art Rec 2008
raw primtive pagan metal mixing Graveland/ Pagan Reign and Pagan Blood.
2 x ukranian pagan metal bands.

Piarevaracien “Down the Broken Path” cd
Wolftyr productions 2010
Folk Black metal from Belarus. This is a Re-released version of the 2008 album Торны Шлях, with as new title “Down the Broken Path” and different artwork.
Musically, the band is close to the sounds of Absurd (DEU) and Temnozor (RUS), maintaining that gritty.

Panychida – Woodland Journey’ cd
herdron parat rec 2011
czech pagan black metal

Piarevaracien ‘if no sun’ cd
Crush The Desert 2011
folk black metal from Belarus
digi pac cd

Pagan blood ‘The Last Empire’ cd
Ewiges Eis Records  2009
Pagan Metal from France. More like the abrasive Polish variety than the up-beat Finns.

Peordh – Glaring From Spacious Woods cd
Mountains of Eternal Frost 2007 Black pagan metal from USA that is a mix of Windir and Mortiss. Pure pagan atmospheres

Perunwit ‘Wszystkie Odcienie Szarosci’ cd 2000
Polish melodic pagan metal. Unusual as it’s rather mellow and ambient. At times sounding like a grim version of Hawkwind.

Pagan Heritage ‘Forn Sed’ cd 2007
Wonderfully melodic raw Black Metal from the Netherlands. Utterly magnificent.

Pagan Reign ‘Ancient Fortress ‘ cd
soundage rec 2006
Russian pagan metal
This is almost like a mix of similar bands like Thyrfing, Nomans Land, and a bit of Korpiklaani and Turisas thrown in.

Pagan Reign ‘Ydeli Biloy Veri’ cd
soundage rec 2004
Russian pagan/ Slavonic folk metal

Primalfrost    ‘Chapters of Time’    mcd
Cnd records 2012
Canadian folk deathly metal

Pripegal ‘Ziemia Gromadzi Prochy’ cd 2008
Slavonic Pagan Metal from Poland

Pagan reign ‘in time of tales’ CD
Sound age prod 2006
Russian pagan folk metal

Pagan reign ‘spark of glory’ CD
Sound age prod 2003
russian pagan metal like skyforger/ nomans land and butterfly temple

Rarog ‘vzoidl’ cd
Sound age prod 2011
Nice slavonic paga folk metal. Particulary similar to Arkona, butterfly temple but faster

Raggradarh – Raggradarh
Eastside rec
Bulgaria – Raw Pagan Black Metal.

Remmirath  ‘Polis Rouge’  cd
Ravenheart Prod/Sabbathid Recs  2008
Slovakian  experimental black metal. If you can imagine Emperor meets Kansas then you may get the idea.

Rodogor ‘Reparition’ cd 2007
Othal productions Russian Black Pagan Metal

Rauta ‘Haudanmaa’ cd
Firebox Records 2007
finish folk pagan metal-band for fans of korpiklaani

Sirin “Moja Otcina” CD
Ancient Nation Productions 2009
Slovakian pagan metal

Sõjaruun ‘Org – CD
Black Devastation Records  2009
Estonian pagan black metal

Sacrilegium ‘Embrace the Darkness’ CD
Odium Records  2006
1 – 3: `”Embrace the Darkness” (Promo ’99)
4: “Track from Split MLP w/ North” (1996)
5 – 10: `”Sleeptime” (Demo’94)
Polish Pagan Black Metal

Swarost -Brzask
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2013
Polish black metal

Svarun – Slavia’ cd
Nymphaea Records
Serbian Sympho Progressive Folk Metal like therion meets Withering Surface.

Smuta – Chmelnaja pesn vojny
Sound Age Productions  2008 cd / Russian pagan metal [like early amorphis]

Smuta – mop.  cd
sound age 2010
Russian Slavonic pagan metal

Severnye Vrata – To war’ cd
FONO/Bronefon Records  2001
Russian pagan folk metal
strangely captivating like a Bal Sagoth triumphant vibe meets fintrolls folkish mischief.

Snowsedim ‘Dawning on me’ cd
Infected Blood Records 2018
Chinese folk metal

sirin ‘the dawn of freedom’ cd
fast heathen slovakian black metal like early graveland
originally appearing in demo form in 2006
Re-released in 2007 under Narok Records on CD limited to 500 copies

Thallium ‘Armanenschaft’ cd
Hammer of damnation 2008
pagan black metal from Brazil. This is so European in sound and very brooding like Graveland / infernum, veles

Trollech ‘Skryti V Mlze’ cd
Ketzer Records  2006
Czech  pagan  black metal

THEUDHO  ‘De roep van het woud’  CD
Heidens Hart Records 2018
Pagan metal from Belgium for fans of ,  Falkenbach, Bathory, and primitive era satyricon.

Tumulus ‘Winter Wood’ cd
Wroth Emitter Productions   2004
Russian folk prog metal. Like a Slavic Yes meets Amorphis meets Fates Warning. Sung in Russian this is not a Pagan Metal release, rather a prog rock folk album

Temnovrat ‘In the silence of the northern forests’ cd
Margin Art Records 2010
black pagan metal from Russia for fans of forest/ walknut/ branikald
Volh ‘Solemn March Into Ragnarok’ cd 2006
Pagan Metal from Russia

Viter / Kings & Beggars “Diva Ruzha”  digi pack cd
2011 Casus Belli Musica
ukrainian folk metal with traditional instruments.

YAV’ “By The Freedom’s Echo’ cd
Casus Belli Musica 2009
ukrainian pagan metal like  Nokturnal Mortum and Dub Buk.

Valkyria – Förfäders stämmor’ cd
Nordiska Förlaget    2004
Swedish  folk metal like a cross of viking era bathory and enya

Volkolak “Disappear”
crushthe desert records 2012
Russian pagan folk like the earthy traditional music of  korpiklaani, folkearth, Jar, Pagan Reign.
This has little Metal elements as it is a pure Folk pagan release.

Varyag ‘Memory’ Cd
pagan black metal/ Russia

Veda ‘Under the eaves  of Martial  Banners’ cd
2014 – pagan metal/ Russia
VAPOR HIEMIS- “Black Tracery Of Winter”- CD
Cod music 2015
Pagan metal from Belarus

Wandersword ‘Waiting for War’ cd
Firestorm Productions 2012
Melodic Death/Viking Metal

Yolwolf  – Thorns – horns’ cd
yar prod 2012
Russian black metal like forest/  drudkh

The Wolves of Avalon ‘across corpse grey’ cd
Featuring Thurios [Drudkh],  and, Hildr Valkyrie, plus intro by, Daemonskald (SIG:AR:TYR), There will also be a special cover of, Venom’s ‘Die Hard’ which will feature original Venom guitarist, Mantas on guitar, along with vocal appearances from, Alan Averill [Primordial], Rob Miller [Amebix], Mirai [Sigh], Metatron [Meads of Asphodel]. Plus a cover of Noktrunal Mortems ‘Voice of Steel’

The Wolves of Avalon ‘Boudicca’s Last stand’ cd album British pagan
folk metal. Featuring, Metatron [meads of asphodel]. Thurios [Drudkh],
Varggoth [Nokturnal Mortum, Hildr Valkyrie.
Welter ‘The Elder Land’ cd
Berzerker Records 1998
viking metal from the netherlands

Zhar-Ptica ‘Dushu Greet Yarost’ cd
tarna  rec 2011
folk pagan  metal from russia with male/ female vocals.

Znich  ‘Pagan Crosses’ cd
volh rec 2007
Pagan folk metal from Belarus
like Gods Tower meets old Moonsorrow

Zrymgöll ‘Mighty Tavern’ CD
G.U.C records 2013
Filk pagan metal from Argentina

Zrec “Pameti”   cd
Murderous Production  2012
czech folk/ pagan metal

Zgard / Prohod ‘Ascension: Paramatman’ cd