Be aware Godreah does not agree with the views of some of the following bands and also  does not agree with the censorship that stifles musical art in whatever form. If you eradicate such freedom, the knowledge that something is not quite right with the human race will be lost to political correctness alone.

A Monumental Black Satue – Excelsior – cd

Aryan Art / Furor Slit CD

Aryan Art play fantastic Burzum meets early Forgotten Woods style icy Black Metal. Furor a more definitive Ildjarn simplistic primitivism.

Astral Legions “In This, We Conquer” cd
Winter Solace Productions 2015

Arkona “Raw Years …” 2005 Album
Album contains tracks created in early years of Arkona.

Blutschrei – The Voice of Forbidden Prid’ cd
Hammerbund rec/ 2006
Finnish NS Black Metal with Horna members

Celtic Dance – Ancient Battlecry – cd


Diabolical Priciples  – The Final Step Before the Dawn – cd  Black metal from Greece

Dark Fury  – Slavonic Thunder’ cd
Elegy Records  Polish black metal


Dark Fury- Ohtar  ‘Necrohate / Auri Sacra Fames’ cd  Polish split cd

Dark Fury – Flooded Lands’ CD

Dark Fury – This Story Happened Before’ CD


Der Sturmer/ Capricornus – Polish-Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G.!’ cd

Dissident – A cog in the wheel’ cd
Nordland  2000 rac punk metal from sweden that has hints or Skrewdriver/ Rawhowa, Fortress. This has that age old Ian Stuart vocal style.

Drachenfels-Bow Down For Death CD. 2008
Great elitist black metal from France [best of cd]


Execution Hill – King the Gallows – mcd Black metal from Czech republic

Eisenwinter / Holocaustus – split cd 2005
Swiss/ Germanic NS Black metal Primitive black metal

Enfeus Lodge-Same CD. 2008
Epic and elitist black from france :new band of hunferd(O.T.A.L.) and Xaphan(Seigneur Voland,K-Nacht,Finis Gloria Dei)

Frost ‘From The Dark” CD
Black Plague Records
black metal like early Emperor with a keyboard atmosphere driving the primitive sound onwards

Fyrdung – Hyperborea’ cd
Nordiska Förlaget  2007
Swedish deathly blackened metal like dissection in many ways and Emperor [without the keys] in others. At times evoking a pagan feel

Fyrdung – Revolution’ cd
Nordiska Förlaget  2005
Third album from this popular Swedish WP rock band. Their music is hard and heavy RAC, mostly with Swedish lyrics. Catchy and melodic. It has that thick guitar sound of hypocrisy and amon amarth. In many ways a Swedish melodic death album that hints fo those past masters, in flames, dark tranquillity.
I can’t recommend this enough to fans of this style of music [politics aside]

Formorii/ Waitr split cd 2007
Two full-length recordings from Heathen / Pagan Black Metal bands [both] featuring members of GEIMHRE, Canadian NSBM veterans.

Firth of Damnation – Carpe Diem 2008
Black metal from USA. Raw, cold

Flame of War ‘Europa; Or, The Spirit Among The Ruins’ 2008
Polish Pagan Black Metal. Atmospheric lengthy tracks evoking the likes of Branikald and Graveland.

Legacy of Blood  “Murder Hymn” CD
Garazel  rec 2008
NSBM  from Poland

Geimhre – Mollachd – cd Black metal from Canada

Geimhre / Shade  – For the Blood of Hinterland/Cogadh – cd

GeheimnisS – Ilha De Tormentos’ cd Black metal from Brazil

Gnieu ‘vortexe’s   cd Black  metal from Belarus
Geimhre ‘Noidagh’ Northern Horde Rec 2008
NS Black Metal from Canada.

Geimre/ Shade split cd 2005
Two Canadian black metal bands

Grond ‘Forest Crypt’ cd
Winter Solace Productions 2016

Hrimthursen / Flammentod // – split Cd 2005
Germanic ns black metal / raw primitive split cd.

Holocaustus/ Oedelegger – split CD 2005
Germanic NS split/ raw as fresh meat black metal

Holdaar – Рождение Гер&# 2008
Agd records
Russian NS pagan metal

Holdaar – Twilight Of The Gods Children’ cd
Nymphaea Records
ruthlessly deathly Black Metal from Russia

Jugra “Jugra”  cd
Winter Solace Productions  2015
black metal from Malaysia

Kek “Misty Woods Of Kekistan” cd
Winter Solace Productions 2017
Awesome Darkthrone style black metal that’s flows between that raw Transylvanian hunger style into more atmospheric early satyricon.

Kiborg/Ssvarskog split cd 2005
Two cult Russian ns black metal bands

Kamaedzitca – 13 years of honour CD
Pagan black metal from Belarus
2014 best of release

Lutomysl – Decadence 2005 cd
Mercenary Musik.
Ukrainian black metal

Moontower – To The Dark Aeon MCD
Hell is here rec 2008
Polish ns black metal

Malsaint – Anti Islamist Proselytism’ CD

M8L8TH- The Black March Saga’ CD
Russian black metal

Nazghor “Through Darkness And Hell” CD
Black Plague Records 2014
Swedish black metal

PD SS Totenkopf – Ljasnyja Braty
Othal Productions 2006 cd
Belarus pagan ns black metal

Na rasputje “The Throne of Immortal Ones / Hammer of Holocaust” cd
Cyberborea/Armour Get Dawn 2009
This is a unique fusion of early Dimmu Borgir and Bathory hacked into a Burzum nightmare.
Russian bm

Ravenbanner “…And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past” CD 2008
Greek NS Blak Metal.

Ravenlord Darkstorm [pol]/ Black September [Hol] split cd 2008
Black September are NS black metal/ Ravenlord are Polish B/M

Shadow Order ‘Untold’ cd  2006
Nykta rec  Greek   Black Metal

Spear longinus ‘Nothing is forever’  CD
Blazing Prod 2006
Cult Australian  BM

Sturm  “Ultra”
Black metal from Belarus. Primitive

Serpentine Creation  ‘fiery winds of Armageddon’  cd  black metal from Bulgaria

Stutthof- An Ode to Thee Ancient Great Goddess ‘ CD
Pagan war rec 2017

Sunchariot “Warrior Of The Winds” cd
Winter Solace Productions 2013


Seges Findere – Massacre Supremacista’  CD

Sytris – “Stronghold Of Wrath” cd
Pluton’s Rising Productions 2014
polish black metal
Totemburg ‘Testprogrom cd 2004
German ns black metal. Fantastic melodic black metal

Various/ Southern Elite circle . Compilation cd
Featuring a collection of NS Black Metal bands. Ulfhethnar, Nachtgeblut, Argenraza, Furor, Argentum.

Volh ‘Solemn March Into Ragnarok’ cd 2006
Pagan Metal from Russia

Volkolak ‘Hail to the God of the Sun’ 2004 cd
Russian NS Pagan folk Back Metal with traditional instruments.
Von Hexe “Ord-o Acausa Caenaculum” cd
Winter Solace Productions 2017
Black metal from italy”

Weltkrieg ‘Final Death’ cd 2008
NS black metal from Slovakia

Wilk – Hammer Of Hate
Hell is Here Production 2006
Polish Black Metal

Wilkolak – Serenada Dzieci Nocy’ cd 2006
Polish Black Metal, raw and primitive.

Winterfront ‘northwinds’ cd
Werewolf Promotion 2014
Black metal from Croatia

Various ‘The Temple Of Fullmoon Tribute ‘ cd