Cat – Death Doom Thrash

Death Metal

BARBARITY  ‘The Wish To Bleed/Cut The Filthy Skin.
Blacksmith Prod 2009 re release with bonus ep
Russian death metal

Braquemaard   ‘Pendu, traîné par une claie jusqu’à la potence, cd
Antiq Records
death, punk grind

Calcined / Regicide Decease  ‘Death Illumination – In Memory of Evil Chuck’ cd
Metal Scrap Records 2012
polish/ Swiss, split cd with a couple of death covers

Cauterization  ‘Males Infestus ‘ digi-cd
Grindhouse Music 2011
black death metal from Brazil for fans of Cannibal corpse, Behemoth, Vital Remains

Decrepitaph ‘forgotten scriptures’ cd
Selfmadegod Records  2012
death metal from usa

Diabolical ‘Deserts of Desolation’ 2000 mcd
Swedish death/ thrash

Fungus Inc. – Rott ‘n’ Roll’ cd
Absorb Records  2008
Gothenburg style melodic death from Belgium. Like a happy dismember.

In Twilight’s Embrace – Trembling’ mcd
Arachnophobia Records
polish death metal

Gigawatt music 2010
Russian melodic death metal

Karnak ‘the cult of death’ cd
Grindhouse Music  2013
death metal from italy for fans of old Deicide/ Meshuggah

Master ‘Pieces’ + Bonus CD
Ablaze Productions 2014
Best of Master

mosquito control ‘Destroyed Beyond Redemption’ cd
mordgrimm  rec 2013
Torturous Sludge/Doom Metal from Auckland, New Zealand

NUN SLAUGHTER / VOMIT OF DOOM  ‘live without mercy’ cd
putrid cult rec 2018
split cd

Nero ‘the beginning of the fall’ cd
Cold Woods Productions 2018
Chinese death metal, chopping riffs

Primalfrost    ‘Chapters of Time’    mcd
Cnd records 2012
Canadian folk deathly metal

Perihelion “Perihelion” CD
Black Plague Records
Death metal like old Demigod meets Obituary

Pure Evil ‘As Blood Turns Black, Mankind Shall Drown In Despair’ cd
Hammer Of Hate
Finnish blackened death metal for fans of vital remains

Rex Shachath ‘Sepulchral Torment ‘ digi-cd
Grindhouse Music 2012
death metal from UK for fans of  Grave,  Morbid Angel, Asphyx

resurrected ‘morbus’ digi -cd
godeater records 2012
grindcore from Germany
new ep with MASSACRE  cover

Sadistic Grimness – Asteni’ cd
Daemon Worship Prod.  2009
Swedish Black/ Death like Arkhon Infaustus meets Autopsy

Svyatogor ‘ENERGY-FREEDOM’ cd
Darker Than Black 2009
Ukrainian death/ black metal

Straighthate ‘Indigenous’ cd
Blastbeat Productions 2017
deathly grind from Greece
digi cd
for fans of Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Suffocation, Converge,
Under the Sythe “The Truth Inside You”
Gigawatt Music  2009 cd
Russian deathcore

Doom Metal

Abstract Spirit – Tragedy and Weeds  CD
Solitude productions 2009

Russian depressive funeral Doom Metal like very early My Dying Bride/ Paradise Lost

ABOVE AURORA ‘Onwards Desolation’ cd
Pagan Records 2016
Polish black doom

Aetheres – Dark Wisdom’s Domain
Hell is Here rec 2009
Polish Dark Metal

ankhagram ‘thoughts’ cd
endless winter records 2012
Russian doom metal like my dying bride

Aura Hiemis – While the Rest of the World Sleep…
Endless winter rec 2010
Funeral doom from chile
This album is one of the best CDs that I have heard lately. It’s an elegy of absolute melancholy. Highly recommended!!!

AstorVoltaires  ‘Katan Nagantü ‘ CD
Endless Winter 2010
Doom metal from chile

Asterion ‘Zerzura’
Australis Records 2010
doom metal from chile

Chained and Desperate ; Eleven Angels in a Circle’ cd 2003
Greek Doom/ Death Metal

Coven 13 ‘ Destiny Of The Gods
Shadow Kingdom Records   2013
doom from USA

Doomster Reich ‘The League for Mental Distillation’ cd
The End of time rec
Polish doom of Sabbathian riffing and the trippy nature of Hawkwind

The End of time rec 2011
Polish doom metal for fans of older Samael and Asphyx

Ê – Kherubîm’ cd
Antiq Records  2011
French doom meets death with ethnic touches of Nile and Melechesh., and Septic Flesh  drowned in a bucket of ash.  Its much more primitive and dishevelled, a very obscure release.

Goatpsalm ‘erset la tari’ cd
Aesthetic Death Records  2012
dark ambient bleak industrial noise from Russia

Edain ‘Through thought and time’ cd
Pařát Magazine 2009
Brooding nwobhm and mid era Celtic Frost meets a folky tinged Opeth metal from Czech Republic. This is fantastic.

Eibon eibon’ mc
Aesthetic Death 2008
Sludge/Doom Metal from France / Black Sabbath

halberd ‘remnants of crumbling ‘ cd
awsome early autopsy meets early Cathedral doom deathly metal

Fatum Elisum ‘Fatum Elisum’ cd
Aesthetic Death 2009
French doom death metal for fans of Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride


Falling leaves ‘mournful cries’ cd
endless winter records
atmospheric doom metal from Jordan, like my dying bride  meets early moonspell/ anathema

Infidel ‘King Of Cynical Control’ cd
Venerate Industries 2011
Greek doom metal
digi cd
for fans of My Dying Bride , Cathedral, Solitude Aeturnus

Black Plague Records
DOOM Metal from USA

Krief de Soli – Procul Este, Profani’ cd
Endless Winter 2010
Funeral doom from Canada
3 exhausting tracks of funeral doom

Grime ‘Grime’ mcd
mordgrimm rec 2012
sludge doom from italy like  grief, Huata,  Electric Wizard   and fistula

Govnilium ‘derme’ cd
Mercy Despise  2011
russian doom metal that has a strange Bathory ‘Hammerheart’ era atmosphere, albeit twisted into a darkly raw form.

Gallileous ‘Passie Et Mors’ 2008
Redrum666 rec re-release of the bands excruciatingly agonizing 1994 demo Pure Black Doom from Poland, slower than Cathedral and more dismal than Death itself. Quite mortifying.

Ghost Tower ‘ Head Of Night’  CD

Paragon rec
Doom/ thrash from USA. Unique in its construction
For fans of Fates Warning, Sabbath, Merciful Fate
Groza Groza – ‘Gecmisin Kasvetli izleri’ cd
Poem Productions  2007
Turkish and Bosnian Dark Metal.
Like a fusion of Samael and Bethlehem thrown in to a Gothenburg hailstorm.

GRIVF /SOL split cd
Iss / The Great Plague Imperium
Ván Records 2010 2 x Danish funeral doom death bands. 3 tracks by each
band, starting with grivf, a slithering, crawling doom feast for all
depressive heads everywhere. Sol are a vile demo era paradise lost
meets my dying bride funeral wrist severing band. Skeptism,

Gnome ‘silent scream cd’
Zero Dimensional Records 2012
black metal fom japan, screeching vocals and crawling atmospheres,  raw, primitive and oozing with menace. like burzum Xasthur, with sighs lead breaks and swooning sound-scapes

Hyadningar  ‘The Weak Creation’  cd 2009
French glommy Black depressive metal
For fans of Bethlehem/ shinning

Hoth ‘Rites of the black Goddess’ cd
2001 Bahamut Records
keyboard driven bleak black metal from Portugal

Haiku funeral  ‘nightmare painting’ cd
Aesthetic Death Records  2012
french noise drone

I shalt Become ‘Poison’ cd
Moribund Cult 2010
Depressive black metal for fans of Alcest , Velvet Cacoon, Caina

Licht Erlischt… ….And Below, The Retrograde Disciples. cd
Black Blood Records 2012
Germanic blackened doom for fans of Nortt

Lethargy of Death – Necrology
Endless Winter 2010
Funeral doom from Chile Skepticism,

Lords of Bukkake – Desorden Y Rencor  cd
Total Rust 2010
depraved sludge doom from spain
Trying to describe the sound of Lord Of Bukkake is not easy as even if you took Khanate, Eyehategod, Godflesh, Buzzov-en, Iron Monkey and Swans and threw them in a blender of sludge, you still wouldn’t be as one  to the noise of this band but you would be close.

Leather Nun ‘all your kin’ cd
Doom from U.S.A. like obsessed

My Lament – Broken Leaf  cd
Solitude productions 2009
Doom/ death metal.

Malachi ‘Wither To Cover The Tread’ CD
Halo of Flies/Siege of Power  2008
Like a  brooding Crisis (complete with banshee vocalist), and the atmospheric, crumbling post rock ebb and flow of Neurosis and the graceful cellos of Grayceon.
Nagual “Active Side Of Infinity” cd
Nocturnus Records
Doom death metal from Ukraine like a mad fusion of VoiVod and Cradle of Filth.

Nekrasov  ‘The Form Of Thought From Beast’ CD
siege of power rec 2008
black metal noise like a deformed merzbow.

Nychts / Wedard “Zwischen Leere Und Nichts” Split CD 2009
Sun & Moon Records
Nychts are an ambient black metal act from Switzerland.
Wedard are a German depressive black metal act

ordog ‘remorse’ cd
violent journey rec 2011
finish doom metal like morgion meets Reverend Bizarre

Pagan Altar ‘the Time Lord’ cd
Shadow Kingdom Records
uk doom metal

Pergale – Horizontalios Maldos Palaima
Inferna Profundus  2011
Lithuanian depressive black metal.

pohjast ‘matused’ cd
warheart records 2013  re issue

RIMTHURS Svartnar’ cd Ván Records 2010 Swedish black metal sol ‘beast
of riddles’ cd
Ván Records 2012
Danish doom deathly metal-flirtations.

Soulsearch – Liedersammlung’ cd
2005 digi pac cd
Austrian doom metal  The CD includes the final Soulsearch release: Like My dying Bride/ Paradise Lost melting into early skyclad and a ritualistic folk trip

Slow ‘Unsleep CD – Doom Metal.
Black Plague Records 2014
Funeral doom from USA,

Shiri ‘..and a tear’ cd
complicity records
Mexican doom death metal that’s like a collision of Anathema and demo era Tiamat. Harsh and subtle melodies awash in awkward arrangements. I have no clue if I like it or not….

Serpent omega ‘serpent omega’ cd
Mordgrimm Records 2013
Sludge doom metal from Sweden

Shever ‘rituals’ cd
Total rust rec 2016
Female sludge doom from Switzerland

Tunes Of Despair ‘From Beyond The Vein’ cd
Misanthropic Art Productions
depressive black doom from Finland

Tapetum Lucidum  ‘Machteloos Bestaan’ cd
Sun & Moon Records  2008
Blackened doom from belgium for fans of drudkh, demo era pyogenesis

the null collective ‘de monstris’ cd
Aesthetic Death
funeral doom
Vyvoroten  ‘with last drop’ cd
dark front rec 2012
Russian black metal CD, Limited to 500 copies in jewel box.
Purely instrumental, atmospheric, dark and depressive black metal with ambient fragments
The release includes demo’2008 “With the last drop of melt water” (track 1-10) and album’2011 “In the ground”. (track 11-21)

Vuolla ‘blood stone, sun, down’ digi cd
Schwarzdorn Production 2016
Finnish doom metal for fans of early Anathema, Tiamat, Katatonia,

Thrash Metal

Assaulter ‘Boundless’ cd
Poison Tongue 2011
thrash from Australia for fans of Kreator, Merciful fate  and Sodom
ATOMIC ‘Separate races’   CD
2018 Hungarian thrash metal

Bitterness ‘Resurrexodus’ CD
G.U.C records 2015
German thrash metal

Cabal ‘Midian’ cd digi pac
Red Stream Records  1990
Cabal is a thrash/death band started by Killjoy of Necrophagia
like a thrashing rage of early Death/ Sepultura

DETONATOR ‘Demo 1990’ CD
Metal Ör Die Records ?
Hungarian thrash metal like a raw Destruction demo.

Dinkumoil ‘metal Weld ‘ cd
Dying Art Productions 2010
Thrash metal from China with a NWOBHM meets Kreator

hellblood  “black speed metal hell” cd slipcase
Raise the Dead Productions 2017
thrash metal from Columbia

Wizzard  ‘wizzard’ cd
supernal music re release
Finnish blackened heavy metal like Sodom’s first MLP colliding with Slayers debut.
originally released in 1999