Cat-Black Metal



Aornos “Orior” CD
Black Plague Records 2015
Black Metal from Hungary.

Absentia Lunae ‘In Umbrarum Imperii Gloria’ CD 2006
Italian harsh and fast technical Black Metal.

Asmodée ‘Chlorosis’ cd
great dane rec 2009
Technical Black metal from France

Ain SofF Aur  “Ophis Christos” Digipack  CD
Sulphur Records 2014
Brazilian black metal

Alastor (Prt) ” Demons Attack” cd
War Prod 2011 Black thrashing rage

Aras – Hemaseye Andooh’  digipack mcd
Ragnarok Records  2008
Black metal from Iran.

Abrahel “Abrahel  cd 2008
Voliac Records
Spanish Black Metal with a guitar sound similar to Kvist and the menace of Strid.

Agony – Dissent ‘ CD
Pagan war rec 2017
Russian black metal

Amystery ‘Extermination, followed by cryptic silence’ cd 2007
‘Transylvanian Hunger’ style Black Metal. Raw, primitive and cold as ice from Germany.

Aphoom Zhah / Šmiercieslaŭ split cd 2004
Raw black metal split from 2 x Belarus acts

Ashen light-krov Apokalypsisa – DIGI CD
More Hate Productions- Russian Black Metal

Auriga ‘Chains Of Despair’ 2007 mcd
Germanic Black Metal. Primitive and raw.

Ayat “Six Years of Dormant Hatred” CD
2008 Moribund rec
Black metal from Lebanon for fans of Anaal Nathrakh. Impaled Nazerene

Armentar – Baptism By Hate’ cd
Absorb Records  2007 – Black Metal from Belgium

Aasgard – Nekriki Mistagogia  mcd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2011
Greek black metal

Autarcie “Epoque Révolue. CD
Dernier Bastion 2012
French black metal, raw and primitive like the emperor demo feel.
Great underground black metal

Akashah – “Taran” CD.   Newest album from
Paragon Records 2017

Aetherious Obscuritas ‘Viziok’ cd [visions] 2007
Raw symphonic Black Metal with some truly atmospheric moments amidst the varied levels of pace and intensity. A rare edition to the Hungarian scene.

Atritas .’Where Withes burnt’ cd 2004
Swiss symphonic Black Metal

Abbey OV Thelema – A Fragment ov the Great Work CD
Sonic Temple 2011
Slovakian  symphonic black metal
It would not be out of place to place Abbey Ov Thelema in the same symphonic black metal boat as Emperor, Dødheimsgard , Dimmu Borgir, or even early Cradle Of Filth.

Asterion ‘Zerzura’ CD
Australis Records 2011
Death/ prog from Chile like the clean/ harsh vocal delivery of Borknagar melting into modern Rotting Christ and mid era Voi Vod and Anathema.

Aasgard – Nekriki Mistagogia  mcd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2011
Greek black metal

Arkenstone ‘Arkenstone’ cd
Au-To-Dafe 2005
Portuguese black metalBeliar – Arcana Imperii – mcd
Lower Silesian Stronghold  2008 – Polish black metal

Blood Stained Dusk – Black Faith Inquisition  cd
2008 Moribund rec
Black Metal from USA. [Emperor, Limbonic Art]

Blood vengeance ‘iron warfare’ cd
Obscure Abhorrence Productions 2004
Germanic black metal

Besatt “Anticross” cd
Warheart records

Besatt “Nine Sins” cd
Warheart records

Besatt “Hail Lucifer/Roots Of Evil” CD
Warheart records

Breathing Hell  ‘Gospel of Annihilation’ cd
Act of Sin Records 2017 digi cd
black death metal for fans of Belphegor, Dark Funeral

Benatnash ‘War Prophecies’ cd
Azermedoth Records 2007
Mexican black metal

Beleth /Moontower / Wings of War “bestial holocaust”-split CD
Hell is here prod
Polish black metal split

Brulvahnatu – Menstrual Extraction Ceremony CD
Pagan Flames Productions  2011
Canadian ambient black metal with hints of autopsy early paradise lost and mortician

Black Howling – “Melancholy of a Pagan Bucolic Spirit” CD
Legion Blotan  2010
dismal depressive  black metal from Portugal that is a sure key to unlock the doors of euthanasia. Contains 2 x 20 minutes hymns to misery and torture.

Barshasketh – Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thralldom’  digipack CD
Re-release in 2013 by Razed Soul Productions
black metal from New Zealand

Beliar – Arcana Imperii – mcd
Lower Silesian Stronghold  2008

Barbatos ‘ Live at Factory’ CD 2008
Black thrashing metal from Japan.

Blessmon ‘Under the Storm of Hate’ cd 2007
Black funeral metal from

Besatt “Hail Lucifer/Roots Of Evil” CD
Warheart Records
re issue of these two polish black metal album and EP.

Blaze of Perdition “Reincarnations” CD
Warheart Records

Cinis ‘the Last Days of Ouroboros’ cd
old temple 2009 – Polish Death metal in the vein of Cryptopsy and Morbid Angel

Cemeterial – Gardens of Unsightly Darkness’ cd
Musica Production 2011
Russian symphonic black metal

Cradle of Filth ‘the princess of darkness’ cd
Track 1 to 4: Recorded live at “Dynamo Open Air Festival”, Eindhoven, Holland, May 23, 1999
Track 5 to 10: Recorded live at “Dynamo Open Air Festival”, Eindhoven, Holland, May 18, 1997
Track 11 to 13: Recorded live at “Waldrock Festival”, Bergum, Holland, May 28, 1997

Crusado Orchestra ‘Sjunde’ cd
Infected Blood Records 2016
Symphonic black metal from china

Charnel Valley ‘The Iigneous Race’ cd 2007
Black Metal from the U.S.A,

Chasse-Galerie ‘Ars Moriendi’ cd
Productions Frères Chasseurs 2010
Canadian black metal

Chiral “Abisso” CD
Black Plague Records
Italian atmospheric Black Metal.

Call ov Unearthly “Blast Them All’  cd
Warheart Records
Polish black thrash

Chained and Desperate ; Eleven Angels in a Circle’ cd

DEeathincarnation “Deny The Lies”
Nocturnus Records 2010
Black death metal from Ukraine

Deofel – Aposni Rytual (The Last Ritual) cd 2007
Black Metal from Belarus

Drachenfels ‘Bow Down Before Death’ cd
Rune rec 2008
French black metal

Dodsferd – chronaexus  split cd
Obscure Abhorrence Productions 2013
Greek/ USBM split. Burzum meets Agalloch

Drowning the light ‘splits, ep’s collection’
dark adversary rec 2013
cult Australian black metal.

Disciples of the Void ‘Disciples of the Void’ cd
Primitive reaction rec 2018
Finnish black metal

Dolentia ‘Iniciação Eversiva’ cd
Mordgrimm rec 2015
Black metal from Portugal

Demonic slaughter ‘downfall’ cd
Pagan Records 2013 polish black metal

Dark Legions ‘Satanic Destroyer Pestilence Records cd 2006
Thrashing Black Metal like old Wargasm, Whiplash etc

Dunkelheit  ‘frozen in eternity’ cd
Werewolf promotions 2010
Hungarian depressive black metal and aptly named after the seminal Burzum track.

DUSK ‘In eternal death’ cd
Possession Productions
Hungarian black metal

Det Gamle Besatt – Inter Mundos cd
Warheart Records 2017
Black thrash from Poland

Darkstorm  ‘”The mandate of Metal’  CD
The Ritual Productions
Polish black metal

Devilpriest ‘Devil Inspired Chants’ cd
Pagan Records 2017
Polish death/ black metal
Dagor Dagorath Yetzer Ha’Ra cd
More Hate Productions  2009
black metal from Israel

Elffor– Malkhedant’ cd

Fallen-Angels Productions 2016
Eldereon – Apocalyptic Revelations / Into the Moonshine  split cd
Antichristian Front Records  2009
Featuring two bands from Spain

Endless Horizon – Annihilation of human beliefs’
Canadian black metal 2012 for fans of Dimmu Borgir

Emptiness ‘Emptiness’  cd
Deleting Soul Records  2010
Russian raw black metal like early Mayhem/

Eversion – With The Last Drop Of Melt Water / Into The Earth’ cd
Deleting Soul Records 2012
Russian ambient black atmospheric metal

Epping Forest ‘Everblasting Struggle ‘ cd
Unexploded Records 2008
black death metal from Portugal
like behemoth meets dimmu borgir symphonic black metal

Ekove Efrits ‘Nettlesome Solitude’ cd
Salts And Ashes Production
Iranian black metal

Enclave – Paradise of Putrefaction 2008
Raw symphonic Polish Black Metal

Erhabenheit ‘Vom Tempel zum Throne’ cd 2006
Black Metal from Germany. Primitive Transylvanian Hunger style.

Erhabenheit ‘Missgediehen’ cd 2008
Muggy melodic German Black Metal, atmospheric, primitive and swimming in distortion.

Ensepulchred ‘Suicide In Winter’s Moonlight’ cd 2006
From U.S.A. Strange whispered vocal over a gloom blenched symphonic musical hell.

Ereshkigal ‘Ten Years of Blasphemy’ cd 2004
Mexican Black Metal

Enclave – Paradise of Putrefaction 2008
Raw symphonic Polish Black Metal

End ‘III’ cd
black hate prod
Greek black metal  for fans of gloomy dreamy Deathspell Omega/ Opeth

Einfall  ‘The Art To Enslave – CD
Black Devastation Records  2009
Russian black metal like Satyricon , The Age of Nero era.

Ensepulchred ‘Suicide In Winter’s Moonlight’ cd 2006

Fargrimm  / Zwartplaag ‘United Wolfish Hordes’  CD
Thor’s Hammer Productions 2011
Germanic/ Dutch split cd

Fenrisulf ‘Eternal Inheritance’ cd
Zero dimensional records 2013
Japanese black metal

Foscor ‘The Smile of the Sad Ones’ cd 2007
Emotional and atmospheric Black Metal like Opeth bleeding into Dark Funeral.
From Spain

Funebre ‘Indictment About The World Of Man’ CD 2008
Melodic… Black Metal in the view of mid era Emperor.

FRrom the Vastland – “Blackhearts” cd
Devil’s Obsession Productions 2015
Iranian black metal

Foudre Noire ‘The Dark Gods’ CD
Obscure Abhorrence  2008
Finnish Black Metal

The Frost /Black Fire ‘Between Ice and Fire’ split cd 2008
Released on Nerbilous Prop./Kerzakraum
The frost are from Croatia/ Black Fire from Columbia.

The FROST ‘Damned and Forgotten’ cd
Croatian raw black metal

Fuck Off and Die! – Anti All’m 2008
Lithuanian Black Thrash featuring Luctus member. Short sharp Black thrash tracks with a rabid Carpathian Forest cover.

Funeraille – Dis Pater’ cd
Armée de la Mort  2009
Black Metal from France

Frostagrath – The Defective Incarnation’ CD
Razed Soul Productions 2015
Black metal from Egypt
Frozen ‘ocean likeglydig  Raseri’  cd
Suffering Jesus Productions  2011
Russian black metal that has that melodic kvist atmosphere raging though the guitars spat from a snarling Ildjarn/ Autopsy deathly  howitzer. This is pure head nodding primitive black metal.

Goat Worship ‘Doomsday’ cd
A Fine Day To Die Records 2015
Brazilian black metal for fans of old Bathory

Goatthrone ‘the black’ cd
putrid cult rec 2018
Polish black/ death metal

Grabak ‘Agash Daeva’  cd
Black Blood Records 2007
Germanic Black Metal

Gort ‘Sixth Day Cancer’ 2008 cd
Italian Raw Black metal

Gaktungar – Gisturgh’ cd
Dark East Productions 2012
Russian black metal

Gosforth ‘Hornlust’ cd 2006
Italian Black Metal

Goats of Doom ‘Rukous’ cd
Primitive reaction rec 2018
Finnish black metal

Gotmoor – Vlaemsche Premitieven cd
ISO666 Releases  2000/ best of / demo’s cd
Belgian symphonic raw black metal/ like fellow countrymen Enthroned

GRAVSORG – Visions of Depression CD
Nykta 2006

Danish depressive Black Metal like Xasthur swimming in Shining.

Gravelord ‘I’ cd
putrid cult rec 2018
polish black ‘n roll It’s like blending Motorhead, Venom, Aura Noir, Nifelheim, early Bathory, Bewitched in filthy, obscure cauldron
Hyperborean Frost “Warriors of Eternally Cold Land” cd
Depressive Illusions Records
Russian black metal

Havocum – Satans Apogeum – CD
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Irish black metal

Harza – East Front’ cd
Armor Get Dawn Productions 2008
Russian black metal

Hegemoon ‘Tron Zla’ cd 2005
Viciously melodic Black Metal from Poland

Hellewacht – Euvele Daeden’ cd
Daemon Worship Prod.  12009
Black Metal from Belgium

Hladomrak – Hladomrak cd
Winter Solace Productions 2014
Swedish black metal

Heinrichreich/Taranis – Ancient Will (split CD, melodic black metal from Ireland and Old school black (early Bathory) from Flanders, released may 2008

Heiden ‘Obsidian’ cd
Naga Prod. 2009
Czech progressive black Metal similar to Satyricon meets Shinning

Helvete ‘Warmasters’ 2008 cd
Mexican Symphonic raw Black Metal

Haeres ‘Héritiers Du Sang Noir’ cd
Productions Frères Chasseurs 2011
canadian black metal

Hilderog ‘66,6°Nord’  2007 digi-cd
Forgotten Wisdom prod.
Cold, Grim Black Metal from Iceland,

Hiraeth  – Ethnocentrism ‘CD
Pagan war rec 2017
Black metal from USA

Hatesworn ‘transcended moral imitations… cd
zkp 2012
Swiss bleak bone crushing  gloomy black metal

Haeiresis – Transparent Vibrant Shadows CD
Inferna Profundus  2000
Black metal from Lithuania

Hoth ‘Rites of the black Goddess’ cd
2001 Bahamut Records
keyboard driven bleak black metal from Portugal

Hiraeth  – Ethnocentrism ‘CD
Pagan war rec 2017
Black metal from USA

Heiden ‘Tinne’ cd
Naga Productions 2005
Czech Republic black metal

Irae / Vermen “Odium Generis Humani”  split CD
Frenteuropa Propaganda  2009
2 Portuguese Black Metal acts

Iugulatus –  ‘Satanic Pride’
The End of time rec 2012
Polish black metal

IMmpure Declaration ‘No paths no guide ‘ mcd
Putrid cult 2018

IRrae  /Black Comand  Split CD
‘The Immortal Circle of the Adversary split cd
The Ritual Productions 2014
Portuguese/ Dutch black metal

Inferno / Tundra (Czechia / Italy): Infernal Belief split cd 2008
Two raw underground black metal bands.

Instinct (UK) – ‘Instinct’ cd
English black metal. Brooding and primitive.
2008 Heidenwut Productions

Inhein – pestrapture – CD
Antichristian Front Records 2010
Russian Black METAL

Immortal Pride – proPAGANda’ cd
Heathen Noise 2011
raw fast black metal from USA, This is putrid primitive and gut gnawing black metal for purists only.

Kalot Enbolot ‘MCCCXLVII’ cd 2007
Polish Black Metal7

Khashm ‘Serpents Of Death’ cd
Heretic Rex 2013
black metal from Russia

Kali Yuga “/ Varhorn – “Aham Kali 2005 split cd
Raw Black metal
2 x Russian Black Metal bands

Khnuth (ex-Wolfs Source) “Behind The Threshold Of Visions” CD recorded
soon after the author’s discharge from prison where he was serving his eight-year sentence for murder! Raw Black Metal

Khephra – L’Arcano Del Mondo  cd
MalEventum rec2013
Italian black metal

Kult Mogil ‘Portentaque’ cd
Pagan Records 2017
Polish death metal

Korovakill – Waterhells cd

Koenigsgrab -Koenigsgrab’ CD
Pagan war rec 2016
Russian black metal

Korpblod – Vardens FÃrd’ CD
Razed Soul Productions 2011
Swedish black metal

Korgonthurus – Marras  cd
Obscure Abhorrence  2009
Finnish dismal black metal with a primitive depressing sound like celtic frost on valium

Kursed ‘In the Labyrinths of Death’ cd
Australis Records 2001
cold icy Black Metal from Chile. Like the raw as meat Darkthrone and Burzum styles of the early nineties yet even more stripped down and ear splitting nastiness.

Kruk ‘Endkamp’ cd 2008
Black metal from Belarus

Kanashimi/ Hikari to Yami’ cd
Zero dimensional records 2012
Split Japanese black metal release.

Krigere wolf ‘infinite cosmic evocation’ cd
Fallen-Angels Productions 2016
Italian  black/ death metal for fans of mid era Behemoth

Lepra ‘Tonge of devil prayers’ cd
Werewolf Promotion  2014
Hungarian black metal

Lugubre/ Teratism – Templi Omnium Hominum Pacis Abhas split cd 2007. Two USMB bands. Teratismwith Vesperian sorrow and demonic Christ members. Lugubre withMord/ Salacious Gods members

Lycanthropy – A.V.R.E.I.L. – CD
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2017
Russian black death metal

Nachfrost – Spectral Domains of Dusk – CD
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Greek black metal

Manticore ‘For rates and Plagye’ cd 2006
Grinding gore Blake Death Metal only the Yanks could possibly create. Like a fusion of Profanatica and Deicide. Quite mortifying stuff.

Moontower “to the dark aeon” -mCD
Hell is here prod
Polish black metal

Mordbrann  /Wolfenberg” split CD
Hell is here prod
Polish black metal split

Mordhell ‘Cut Yourself and Die!!’ 2004 mcd
Polish necro black metal.

Mater MonStifera – Na zrcadlech lzi   cd
2011 Parat  rec
Czech black metal

MUSSORGSKI “Chaos and Paranormal Divinity”
Easide rec 2011
polish black doomy metal like bathory era sign of black mark atmosphere.

Mor ‘Hram krvi i praznine’ 2009 cd
Forgotten Wisdom Production
Serbian Black Metal like old Dimmur Borgir (For All Tid, Stormblåst),

Myrkvids Draumar ‘We Are War’ cd 2008
Ukrainian Black Metal

Mondsaal – In the chaos of the Dark’ cd
Hell division prod 2013
Russian dark apocalyptic metal

Moloth  ‘Scent of Blood’ cd
Lost Reich Rex rec 2010
Russian Ultra grim and hateful black metal

Memorial ‘Enter My Megaron’  cd
Baphomet Records 2000
dutch black metal like early immortal

Mardraum “Southern Darkness” CD
Totenkopf Propaganda 2015
australian black metal

Mord’A’Stigmata ‘Hope’ cd
Pagan Records 2017
polish post-black metal for fans of, Secrets of the Moon, Agalloch, Neurosis and Altar of Plagues

Mentor – Guts, Graves and Blasphemy’ cd
Arachnophobia Records

Mek Na Ve ‘Heresy’ cd

mantus ” aranum mortis” digipack
Necrolust Records
Columbian black  metal

Marandando Karosodas ‘Húsdaráló’ CD
Hungarian thrash metal like Sepultura.

Nekkroffuk ‘deny the image of God’ cd
putrid cult rec 2018
polish painful blackened doom

neurosis  “mas alla de la demencia” cd
reissue of the bands 1991 demo
for fans of  Slayer, Kreator, possessed. Pure slayeresqe primitive thrash.

Nathorg – Beyond the Gates of Nathorg CD
mordgrimm 2012
iranian black metal

Necrofeast   ‘Soulwinds’ cd
The Drama And Sin Company 2000
Dutch Black Metal with hints of Burzum, Summoning, Countess

Nebiros ‘Stacheldraht’ 2007
This is the re-release on Fallen Angel Rec of this German bands 2003 demo with bonus tracks. Fast, scorching Black Metal with a thick guitar sound.

necrosadist ‘abstract satan’ cd
Daemon Worship Productions  2012
raw black metal from cyprus

Nevoa ‘The Absence of Void’ slip cd
Altare Productions 2015
Black metal from Portugal

Neftaraka ‎ ‘Morts’ cd
Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records  2012
Malaysian black metal

Nekrokrist SS ‘Suicide’ 2007
Finnish icy bleak Black Metal

Nidrike – Blodsarv cd 2008
Swedish Black metal

Nordvykk – Nordland cd 2004
Melodic German Black Metal, Raw primitive sound but very melodic and keyboard driven.

Northern Breeze – Sailing To The North 2007
Greek melodic Black Metal

Nordmen- Nordmen s/t MCD
Nykta rec
Canadian Black metal with a pagan primitivism oozing from the raw and wonderfully cold guitars.

Njiqahdda ‘Yrg Alms CD
Pagan Flames Productions
Wolves In The Throne Room Agalloch, Nadja, Velvet Cacoon

Nordvykk – Nordland cd 2004
Melodic German Black Metal, Raw primitive sound but very melodic and keyboard driven.

Oldblood “Possessed By Metal From Hell” cd
Devil’s Obsession Productions 2010
Slovakian black thrash

Ocultan ‘Bellicus Profanus’ 1999
Brazilian Black Metal/ cult release

Occultus [Columbia] / Esgaroth [Greece] ‘Dark Passion/Kingdoms Of A Darkest Side’ split cd. 1997
Raw Black Metal

Onirik ‘After Centuries of Silence’ cd 2009
Darkthrone ‘Transylvanian Hunger’ style icy black metal from Portugal.

Ornias ‘Death Bringer’ cd 2007
Hailing from Sweden. Raw, melodic Black Metal with great guitar.

Odor Mortis ‘Coagula’ cd 2007
Russian Black Metal

Obscure dream-Rise…New Empire’ cd
Cold Woods Productions 2013
raw, cold, suffocating, black metal from china

Obscure dream  ‘phoenix ‘ mcd
Cold Woods Productions 2016
Black metal from china

Original sin ‘cure’ cd
Cold Woods Productions 2013
black metal from china

PrimalL- Prophetae’ cd
The End of time rec 2013
Polish black metal

Pale mist ‘Where the Darkness Is Praised’ cd
Sinister Stench Productions 2012
uk black metal

Power from Hell  ‘Spellbondage’ cd
Brazilian black thrash oozing a primitive Bathory vibe.

Power from Hell ‘true metal’ cd
Brazilian black thrash oozing a primitive Bathory vibe.  Has a great cover of Motorheads ‘mean machine’ stripped to the bone.

Poprava- Supredator – CD
lower Silesian Stronghold 2016
Czech black metal

Pagan Spirit – Hlasy vzývajúce starú vieru (only digipack)
Hrom Records
Slovakian pagan black metal like Immortal. Powerful and intense.

Pagan Spirit – The Latent Doctrine’  cd
Hrom Records 2005

Perennial Isolation – Conviction of Voidness’ CD
Darkwoods  rec 2014
Spanish black metal

Primitive Graven Image ‘Traversing the Awesome Night’ cd
Ukem records – UK black Metal

Pagan Heritage ‘Forn Sed’ cd 2007
Wonderfully melodic raw Black Metal from the Netherlands. Utterly magnificent.

Pestreiter  – Todesweiche’ cd
Humanity’s Plague Prod.

Pogost ‘…from the Eternal Chaos’ cd 2008
Primitive Black Metal from Russia.

Pogram1147 “Black Metal Complete’ 2005
In A5 card slip case. Polish Black Metal. Melodic primitivism. Simple but effective.

Quintessence Mystica “Duality” Digi cd
Schwarzdorn Production 2015 Ukrainian symphonic black metal

Remmirath  ‘Polis Rouge’  cd
Ravenheart Prod/Sabbathid Recs  2008
Slovakian  experimental black metal. If you can imagine Emperor meets Kansas then you may get the idea.

Raven Throne “As the shadow through death” CD 2008
Cold black metal from Belarus , like old Norwegian Black Metal, has Immortal cover.

Riddle Of Meander ‘Orcus’ cd 2008
Greek raw primitive Black Metal

Regiment- On les Aura! CD
Antiq Records 2015
French black metal

RODONITZA – The Edges of the Times – CD
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2017

Runes Of Dianceht ‎- Runes Of Dianceht’ cd
Battlelord Productions 2007
grisly and raw black metal from the ukraine. This is like an old darkthrone demo tape bursting from a Burzum rehearsal session.

Runes of the Evening ‘Runes of the Evening’ cd
mordgrimm rec 2013
melodic black metal frm USA,  like dissection Immortal, Naglfar

RagehammerR ‘The Hammer Doctrine’ cd
Pagan Records 2016
polish black thrash like a fusion of destroyer 666, Witchery, and Deathammer.

Runes Of Dianceht ‘Runes Of Dianceht’ cd
Battlelord Productions  2007
Black metal from Ukraine

Sabbat – The Dwelling’ cd

Sabbat   ‘Karisma’ cd

Sabbat ‘Fetishism’ cd

Sabbat / Krigere Wolf – E.C.A’ cd

Spell of Torment  ‘Son of Mourning – MCD
Primitive reaction rec 2017
Finnish black metal

Sabbat ‘Mexicarmageddon Memories’ cd
Satanic Records 2018
Cult black thrash from Japan
Live album Recorded at Toluca, Mexico, September 24th, 2005

sol axis  ‘to mark the ages’ cd
2009 compilation of all the bands output to date.
Irish black metal like Satyricon- and has 2 decent Bathory covers.

shadows from the crypt ‘beyond the grace’ cd
usbm 2011

Sado Sathanas ‘Opus Diaboli’ Digi Cd
Black Blood Records  2010
Germanic Black Metal

Serpent seed ‘Debris Of Faith’ cd
The End of time rec 2014
Polish blackened death metal

Sytris – “Stronghold Of Wrath” cd
Pluton’s Rising Productions 2014
polish black metal
solemn curse ‘gateways to eternity’ cd
mordgrimm records

Sator Marte – za zdmi’ cd
Naga productions  2010
Czech Black Metal like Marduk meets Dissection.

Shining Abyss – Sacrifice-Reh-96  mcd
Hell is Here prod 2008
Cult Polish Black Metal

shadows of the crypt ‘cryptic communications’ cd
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 2012
black metal from USA

Strandhogg  ‘Ritualistic Plague’
Pagan Records  2009
Polish Black Metal like a boiling pot of  Gorgoroth, 1349, Dark Funeral and Marduk

Shub Niggurath/ Tormentor – Hybrid Race split cd 2007
Two cult Mexican bands/ Shub Niggurath features an official 1990 rehearsal. Tormentor a live recording from 1989.

Ritual Spell / Svartalv  ‘Back to Bone’ cd
Satanic Records 2017
Svartalv from Norway cold bleak Norwegian black metal, raw and fogbound.
Ritual Spell Nowrway/ sovakia, ritualistic icy black metal

Sieghetnar ‘Todessehnsucht ‘ cd 2007
Black Metal from Germany

Semargl ‘Satonogenesis’ cd 2006
Ukrainian Black Metal with a symphonic edge.
Sibimortem – Glory to Eternal Fire cd 2007
Mexican Raw blasting Black Metal

Severe Strom/ Slavecrushing tyrant – We Will Drown The Dawn in Blood – cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2012
Two polish black metal bands performing a masterclass in old school
menacing black metal.

Superior Enlightenment – The great obscurantism’ digiCD
Mankind’s Demise Records   2009
Canadian black metal  like a smoking cauldron of primitive Belphegor/Mutant/Anaal Nathrakh, and Behemoth

Sado Sathanas ‘Opus Diaboli’ Digi Cd
Black Blood Records  2010
Germanic Black Metal

Tudor ‘bloody Mary’ cd
Slava Productions 2008
Czech black metal

Teminch”Pits Of The Empty Graves 2007 cd – Ukrainian Black Thrash like a cross between slayer and dissection.

Tyranny ‘The Demise Of A Hymn-Part Two’ cd
Cold Woods Productions 2018
Chinese symphonic black metal

The Last Knell ‘Æon Vmbra Genesis’ cd
Misanthropic Art Productions 2011
Black Metal from Chile

The Unconscious Mind ‘here Philosophers Fall’ cd
CDN Records 2012
canadian symphonic black/ death metal

Tyranny ‘Late Han Dynasty Notes Lin Jiangxian’ mcd
Cold Woods Productions
Chinese symphonic black metal

Taekaury ‘Spirit of Koguryo’ cd
Fallen angels productions 2014
Black pagan metal from South Korea

Totenwolf ‘Nightpath of pest’ cd
Russian black metal
Mordgrimm Records 2012

The Dead Goats “Don’t go in the Tomb” mcd
Arachnophobia Records
The Dead Goats

Temnovrat  ‘ v molchanii’  cd
Margin Art Records  2010
Russian  black metal like early Gorgoroth

Torch of War “The Principle of Cosmic Instability” cd 2007
Furious German Black Metal translyvanian Hunger style. Raw and cold.

Tenebrous ‘Arias toward the Black Sun‘ mcd 2005
Fast icy raw Black Metal from the U.S.A.

Teratism-Pure Unadulterated Hate CD. 2008
US black metal band. With guest vocals of Dagon/Inquisition

Thoth – Zamglenie – cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold  2010
Polish black metal featuring rob darken from gravelend

Thunderbolt .Inhuman Ritual Massmurder’ 2004
Polish cult Black Metal

Thanathron & Empheris ‘The Rituals of..’ cd 2006
A split of Polish Black Metal

Thy Hastur “The Ancients” cd
Vitiv Records 2010
Polish dark black metal

Tundra (Italy): Primordial – CD 2008
Bleak raw Black Metal.

Therior – Mantra’ cd
Antiq Records 2013
syrian black metal

Unsilent ‘Black Spell Sessions’ mcd
Australis Records 2009
Black Metal from Chile

utuk xul ” the spirt of the abyss digipack
Raise the Dead Productions 2017
Columbian black metal / compilation of the bands demos/ splits

Unholy Archangel ‘The Demos’ cd
ISO666 Rec  2003
Greek black metal

Undertaker of the Damned  ‘Lords of the Extreme Mockery’ cd
Australis Records 2001
Black/ Death from Chile that rips you open like Impiety.

Valfeanor ‘En Ny Tid’ CD 2008
Austrian Black Metal

Velnias – Sovereign Nocturnal ‘ digi cd
God is Myth Records 2008
Blackned doom from USA   like Wolves in the Throneroom in a way.

Velm / Snakemass Split CD
Black plague rec
split cd frm Hungary/ sweden

Veér – The Measure of Waste   cd
Caverna Abismal / Neverheard  2009
Hungarian black metal
Raw up=tempo Hellhammer/Celtic Frost.

Varulv  ‘Hellish Presence’ cd
Naturmacht Productions  2011
Austrian black metal for fans of Burzum, Mayhem, older Satyricon and even Dissection/ Amon Amarth.

Vapnatak – The Right to Decide’ cd
7.62 Productions 2010
Russian black metal
Vemoth ‘Kottkroksvals’ cd 2006
Dissection style Blackened Death. From Sweden

Vinterthron ‘Reign Ov Opposites ‘ cd
2008 Ashen productions
Brazilian Black Metal

Verhern – Verhern’ 2009 cd
German Black metal on Fimbul productions
Similar to Velvet Cacoon

Valhom ‘Despair’ cd 2007
Mighty guitar blazing blackened death from USA. Awesome.

Varhorn – Labyrinths of Darkness cd
Cold Breath of Silence 2009
Primitive Russian Black Metal like Mayhem

Vorkuta ‘where still darkness dwells’ CD
Hungarian black metal
Recorded in 1996 September in Coda Studio.
like Bethlehem and Bathory.

Vordr iii cd 2008
Raw and merciless Black Metal from Finland. Vocals like a castrated cat.

Vitsaus ‘Iäti Vihassa ja Kunniassa’ 2 CD
Best of cd, from this finish Black metal act, unusual as it’s a 2xcd set.
Like striborg in some ways

Vapnatak ‘The right to decide’ cd
7.62 Productions 2010
russian black metal

Veér ‘The Measure Of Waste’ cd
Caverna Abismal Records 2009
Hungarian black metal for fans of  Hellhammer / Celtic Frost

WITCH HEAD NEBULA ‘Krzyki z prózni’ cd
2018 – polish black metal

Wrath ‘viking’ cd
Einheit Produktionen 2006
black metal from south africa like early Burzum to the point that it could be, wth hints of earky blackened bathory

War ‘Dawn of New Epoch’ cd 2007
Melodic raw Black Metal from Poland [ this is the 2007 re-release]

War ‘Insanity of Faith’ 2007
Polish Black Metal

Wald – war horns’  CD
Pagan war rec 2015
Russian black metal in the style of the Blazebirth hall

Wolftribe ‘Pura Odium’ cd 2007Polish black metal

Winternight ‘Pestilenz’ cd
Obscure Abhorrence Productions
German Black Metal

Wschód ‘Oddalenie’ cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2011
polish black metal like a collision of old burzum and graveland. Fantastic underground uniqueness.

Wolfthorn  ‘Towards Ipsissimus’ cd
Obscure Abhorrence  2010
germanic pagan black metal like a mix of old Bathory meets Darkthrone

Written in torment ‘bellum omnium’ cd
Glorious North Productions 2013
uk black metal

Wolven ancestry ‘silence of the boreal’ cd
Archaic North Entertainment 2009
Canadian black metal that falls pretty comfortably into the Dimmu Borgir variant on Emperor’s original formula

Zargof ‘Departure For The Cosmic’ 2006 MCD
Brazilian Black Metal

Zahrim ‘Liber Compendium Diabolicum’ cd 2007
Masterful Danish Black Metal ‘Best of” cd. Melodic, raw and old as ice.

Zvijer -‘Jecnost Trulezi’ cd
Werewolf Promotion 2017
black metal from Bosnia and Herzegovina